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Vermont Capacity Building Program

Each year, the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation offers one multi-year organizational capacity grant to a Vermont-based, statewide non-profit organization that has both a vision and a strategic plan to extend its influence and achieve defined goals. The grant is for a maximum of $30,000 per year, for up to three years, to significantly enhance the capacity of the organization. The organization's goals should resonate with the Foundation’s mission to further social justice, protect the environment or support family farms and local food systems.

Applicants must demonstrate that the organization has strong leadership and governance, has a proven track record of accomplishment, and has developed a strategic plan. Organizations must show how by meeting the capacity needs identified in their strategic plan, they would be able to chart a path to organizational sustainability.

The proposal must articulate a clear, well-thought-out vision for how the grant dollars will be used over time and be specific as to how the improvements enabled by the grant would advance the organization’s ability to accomplish its mission, increase its long-term viability and strengthen its impact.

Organizations must have a statewide impact and be working toward broad, systemic change for the betterment of Vermont and Vermonters.

Organizations with operating budgets under $1 Million are preferred. 

Grant monies may not be used for general operating support or program support.

Grant monies may be used for: 

  • Consultation 
  • Technology 
  • Organizational development work 
  • Staff development 
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Staffing needs


The application process is highly competitive. Only one grant is awarded each year.  The Employee Advisory Committee reviews applications and selects finalists. Finalists will be required to host a site visit in August. Yearly installments will be awarded based on an evaluation of progress in a written report, an in-person presentation, and a follow-up interview.

The process opens February 15th with a deadline for proposals on April 30th for review in June.  Final decisions will be announced in October.

Applications are to be submitted through our online grant management system. To learn more about our online system, please click here for a tutorial.

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Vermont Farm to School Network

Vermont Capacity Building Program

The Vermont Farm to School (FTS) Network is a statewide network of advocates, practitioners, and programs that provides  leadership, coordination, and advocacy to advance new and existing Farm to School efforts in Vermont classrooms, cafeterias and communities. The Vermont Farm to School Network shares the vision that every Vermont student and school community is engaged in a local food and farm culture that nurtures children’s health, cultivates viable farms, and builds vibrant communities.

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